Rs 2 lakh scholarship launched for LGBTQIA+ students to aid higher education abroad

A special scholarship launched for LGBTQIA+ students to pursue higher education abroad. (Image for representation: Philippe Fong/AFP)

Candidates will be selected for the scholarship on the basis of their academic record.

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  • Last Update:23 June 2022, 15:17 IST
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Ed-fintech startup GradRight has launched a special scholarship for LGBTQIA+ students to pursue higher studies abroad. The startup intends to provide scholarships worth Rs 2,00,000 for higher education in top 500 universities of the world. Students can apply for the scholarship by 31 July 2022 on the GradWrite website. According to the firm, the scholarship will be given on the basis of the school merit of the students.

“As part of the scholarship programme, GradRight will help students understand which overseas institutions offer inclusive, safe living and learning environments. Through interaction with international student communities, the program aims to provide tips and skills to integrate social norms and cultural differences more easily into international student and LGBTQIA+ communities. The scholarship will also support them with legal guidance to protect their rights. Says Anand Patinge, Lead, Brands&Com and Spokesperson for Gradewrite.

Candidates will be selected for the scholarship on the basis of their academic record. Each application will be reviewed by financial institutions registered with GradRight.

“We would love to lose this crown of being India’s only LGBTQIA+ scholarship. India It needs and deserves as much support as possible from the powerful Edu-Biz community, says Shashidhar.

Inauguration of scholarship this year during Gaurav Month. Pride Month celebrates LGBTQIA+ communities, their rights and culture around the world. It is marked by a sense of resistance and acceptance as opposed to an attitude of shame. Gaurav is now recognized as a large celebration including marches, protests and parades. People all over the world gather in large numbers and express themselves in myriad forms. June is celebrated as Pride Month to commemorate the start of a movement, a series of protests that began in the 1970s in the United States, to recognize the rights of these communities.

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