shocking! Customer claims he ordered laptop from Flipkart, received old computer parts and e-waste

New Delhi: Chinmoy Ramana from Mangalore, Karnataka ordered a gaming laptop during the Big Diwali Sale on Flipkart. When the package arrived, he only found that it contained old computer parts and electronic waste. Like some of us, he had only seen such incidents happen on social media platforms; This was his first time seeing him in person.

Since he had a Flipkart Plus subscription, Chinmay ordered the Asus TUF Gaming F1

5 gaming laptop for his friend on October 15. On October 20, the item was sealed from the outside. The customer shared an OTP with the delivery person, even though it was not an open-box delivery like some things on Flipkart as the box was in perfect condition. ,Also read: Post Office Scheme: Invest Rs 10 Lakh In This Scheme, Get Rs 14 Lakh In 5 Years,

However, the box inside the Asus was tampered with and the barcode and product information were erased upon opening the main packaging of the Flipkart. Opening the box revealed everything that saved the laptop. Along with the e-waste and old computer components, the box also contained a stone that was probably stored to keep it heavy. ,Also read: Festive blast for OnePlus users! OnePlus 10T now supports 5G service, here’s how to activate,

“I reported the incident to Flipkart on the same day with all supporting documents. They told me that they would come back to me with a solution after sometime. There was absolutely no damage to the goods during transportation, as per the email I received. Had them on October 23, according to buyer Chinmay.