Shocking video shows a herd of buffalo attacking an old lion

The lion died three days after the attack.

A video going viral on the internet shows an old lion being trampled by a herd of buffaloes. The clip of the incident was shared on Instagram by a photographer named Deon Kelbrick, who was on his safari with a group of tourists.

The video shows a herd of buffaloes attacking the old cat with their horns. The caption of the video reads, “Dark maned avoca male lion gets trapped in the middle of a herd of buffalo and fights for his life.”

The caption further reads, “The pride attempted to prey on a herd of buffalo and things quickly went south when the entire herd made a massive stampede towards the lions and unfortunately, the older male lion couldn’t get out of the way quickly enough. because of his injury.”

The older lion, named Dark Mane Avoca, was thrown around and trampled for about 15 minutes before the rest of the pride came to his aid.

The photographer informed netizens in a comment that the lion passed away three days after the attack.

Watch the video here:

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times on Instagram. Seeing this act of lion, the hearts of the social media users were broken. Many people asked about the condition of the lion. One user wrote, “Omg Deon mad buffalo attack. So painful to watch and he survived. Any update on how Dark Mane is doing? He wasn’t feeling great after the attack.”

“Omg this was so hard to watch you can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you and your guests to watch this happen,” wrote another user.

A third user commented, “Why won’t someone help him, nature is nature but those buffalo didn’t want to eat him, they just wanted to kill him. After all there are people, this lion is getting tired.”

A fourth expressed, “Absolutely heart-wrenching to watch… There is nothing that excites the emotions like a jungle in all its rawness.”

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