Standardization and regulations extremely important for EV batteries: iVooMe – Times of India

Electric two wheelers – the talk of the town, some for very good reasons and some for very unfortunate. The electric two-wheeler market is poised to grow. This has prompted many players, experienced and otherwise, to roll out products in the market. While very few people have managed a reliable electric two-wheeler, many of them are still exploring thermal management.
One of the new entrants in the two wheeler space is iVooMe Energy. The startup says it has sold some 5,000 electric two-wheelers and aims to increase that number to 12,000 by the end of this year. we talked to Sunil BansalHead over to MD and Co-Founder, iVooMe Energy, to learn more about the brand’s plans for product line and manufacturing expansion, and what the company does to ensure that their products do not catch fire.
– How has the customer response been for the iVOOMi EVs? Would you please share the total sales no.
As an engineering company, we prioritize our value proposition over sales. We have worked in isolation for over two years on developing, validating, enhancing and improving our products. We want to expand and grow rapidly so as to reach a point where we can easily bring the benefits of our products to the end users. We currently have around 5k e-scooters running on the road, and we aim to deploy 12k e-scooters by the end of this year. From now on, we plan to double the size of our company every year.
– Will you share the company’s expansion plans (geographic and manufacturing)
iVOOMi Energy has grown from a small office in early 2019 to three verticals spread across R&D and production divisions, with a capacity to manufacture, distribute and service approximately 30k e-scooters per year. With new acquisitions and collaborations for vehicle assemblies, we also aim to expand our growth plan, which will enable us to scale up battery and scooter manufacturing to over 1 lakh units per year by the first quarter of next year.
We strategically select our geographies, prioritizing consumer service and delivery across all of our selections. So we started in 2019 in four districts, expanded to Maharashtra only by the middle of last year, and then expanded to areas within 800 km of our service and delivery headquarters. we have started growing Madhya Pradesh (MP), Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Gujarat, and we expect it to be available in 100+ districts through our 150+ dealerships by the second quarter of this year.
– How do you ensure battery safety in iVOOMi EVs, to ensure there is no fire incident?
When CNG was introduced in the country, which started with direct LPG usage and eventually moved to OEM fitted CNG kits and CNG pumps. We believe this was the beginning of a big change, the contribution of all stakeholders is needed for the complete ecosystem to flourish and consumer awareness needs to be created. As we see a lot of efforts are being made towards creating a suitable source of energy for cells, continuous improvement and working towards research and development over time will lead to complete engineered solution. Recognizing that EV fire incidents are also a part of the development of the EV industry.
At iVOOMi we ensure a conservative approach towards the market right from the beginning, we have put in place various levels of control to ensure safety in all our products:
1. We are not working on aggressive power trains nor big packs like 3KW or 4KW, even if with added risk comes big subsidies
2. We have designed it to operate at low C ratings for both charging and discharging, with superior calibration generating the torque and RPMs required only by normal city riding consumers.
3. We have temperature sensors at three different levels, which either reduce the speed further, or cut-off as it exceeds the function depending on the programmed temperature
4. It is automatically cut off if the charging voltage exceeds the temperature level.
5. We are one of the few players who have printed do’s and don’ts on batteries since 2019, we have safety guidelines communicated to dealers on a weekly basis and every consumer is trained on the same.
We are working on the future source of energy to bring electricity to our vehicles with safety as the first priority in our research and development centers, also we are working as mentioned above to safely deliver value to our consumers Scooters are distributed accordingly.
– Do you think we need stricter regulations when it comes to EV battery development and manufacturing in India?
Yes, standardization and regulation of development and manufacturing of EV batteries in India is of utmost importance. Considering the size of the opportunity many qualified and ineligible players working the same and only drastic steps can make a significant difference, but given that this is the only product space where’ Carries the product ownersUnlike all other segments where the product is being transported by the owner- with full control of it’ hence laying down rules with emphasis on commissioning and ground deployment verification.
– New products in the pipeline
We are constantly striving to deliver value to our customers and we are excited by the ongoing projects and the response we have received from the market. We recently launched model S1, our first high speed registered electric scooterAlso we are launching “India’s Most Needed Electric Scooter”, a high speed registered scooter suitable for Indian consumers. Our aim this Independence Day is freedom from pollution, freedom from odd sized scooters, freedom to explore the latest technology in the most premium experience in town.
– Will you also share the extent of your product range, if any (Electric Three-Wheeler, Electric Cargo Two-Wheeler)
For the time being, we will continue to produce electric two wheelers as we feel there is a huge scope for new innovations in these products and in the industry. At present we are fully focusing on R&D for the coming two years and adding more value to the Electric Two Wheeler Industry.
With two years of backstage work, we have embarked on the race to deliver the best products to our customers. We aim to deliver better and better products in the next five quarters.
Some of the Big and Most Necessary Upgrades on the iVooMe energy battery module As can be seen, we will release some major technology platforms for the future generation. The core of the complete research and development will be new energy mobility focused on two wheelers.