Taapsee Pannu steps into a new den with Pranjal Khanddia – Exclusive – Times of India

Some time back Taapsee Pannu worked with producer Pranjal Khanddia in ‘Blur’. This collaboration then turned into another film titled ‘Dhak Dhak’. The name of the company was Outsiders Films. Now, both have set up their offices in the western suburbs of Mumbai.

Taapsee is very excited about this infrastructure. She posted a few pictures hinting about this development. Check out those frames below:


Abhi, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. Pranjal Khanddia says, “Our office is very well planned. You will have different spaces for directors, writers, editors and even a screening room. The idea takes us from an office to a complete film. To be able to work on the production. All the way. We also have a powder room/trial room for the look test of the actors. Additionally, there is a narration lounge.”

Taapsee 2

We asked Pranjal how long it took him to complete this office. Pat replied, “Six months.”

Pranjal concluded, “As Taapsee Pannu put it – a place that is home to my heart and Pranjal’s mind.”