Ten Ways to Welcome Neon

Bring home glitter to jazz up your living space and bathroom, says Teja Lele Desai


They are electrifying, intense and powerful. Fluorescent neon colors never fail to catch the eye, and can be counted on to inject excitement, energy and enthusiasm wherever they are used – on paper, in apparel, in makeup and in the home. in design.

Neon colors are extremely bright and pigmented versions of basic primary and secondary colors, such as blue, red, yellow, green and violet. What makes them stand out is that they emit light, which makes them luminescent.

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Any shade of neon can work in a home if styled well. Chartreuse, lime green, pink, magenta, red, teal, saffron, flamingo, cyan, scarlet or violet can all be part of the trend. Add sparkle and zest to your spaces by working through these tips and a neon color or two.

1. In the bathroom

Minty toothpaste or citrus scent to wake you up? Then why not the equally invigorating colors! Buy a set of toothbrush holder, soap dish and soap dispenser in neon colors. If you think the color scheme of your bathroom is subtle, the contrast will be gorgeous.

2. on furniture

You don’t have to make your room look like a nursery! But just a set of neon chairs would work wonders for adding a splash of exciting colors to the decor. Or spray paint the bottom half of the legs of a table or stool and watch the magic happen!

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3. On Linens and Textiles

Neon bed covers, pillow and cushion covers in solids and patterns Ooh la la! Invest in a neon throw, a weird curtain or alternative curtains in neon if you don’t want to go overboard. It will add a nice little pop of color to the room.

4. With Bunting and Accessories

You have probably seen them at parties. These are lovely garlands hanging on the walls. Make it a DIY project. Take neon colored paper or cardboard and cut out different shapes – flowers, butterflies, stars, or animals, whatever you like and make a garland for a bare wall.

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5. On Planters and Pots

Two-tone, neon stripes or polka dots will make planter pots look so beautiful. You can get spray paint and paint the bottom pot pretty well. Colorful flowers and neon on the bottom. Give a lot!

6. On a door or accent wall

Go bold with an entryway or build a wall of fame. In an otherwise understated room just one neon element will make it stand out. Capture the attention of your guests as soon as they enter the front door.

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7. With Neon Candles

The cheapest way to add neon to your décor! Place the candles on a candle stand near the wall or leave them as centerpieces or on the mantel, they’ll look great.

8. With ribbon and tape

Just a dash of neon on everyday items will make them look so eye-catching. Here’s another super cheap yet surefire way to brighten up the decor. Wrap neon ribbon around things like decanters or cover a plain vase or pen stand with neon sticky tape.

9. With Neon Edging

Bring plain boring wooden boxes to life. Paint only the sides of the box and see how eye-catching it looks instantly. Or cover the cardboard box with neon paper.

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10. Through Lighting Fixtures

Forget traditional accent lights. LED glow signs are available that you can make a part of your decor. Love, guitar, moon and what not you can see. If you’re the experimental type, get neon light strings and make some yourself.

Neon color is not what you would call a classic, which is why no designer would suggest going all out with fluorescents. But bring home dazzlers to brighten up your living space or bathroom. A hint of a neon color can enliven an entire room!