‘Thallumala’ movie review: With the depth of social media reel, Tovino Thomas stars in all-out fight fest

Other than the high action sequences and their technical excellence, there isn’t much left to write home

Other than the high action sequences and their technical excellence, there isn’t much left to write home

A kick to the jaw at intervals and utter, mind-numbing at the climax. what is it in a nutshell thallumala Serves its audience, which lives up to the title’s promise – a long string of fights. One is not always sure where one fight ends and another begins. Every event in the film, but every moment in it, either leads to a fight or has something to do with the outcome of the previous fight.


the director: Khalid Rahmani

Throw: Tovino Thomas, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Shine Tom Chacko

Order: 140 minutes

StoryWazim, who rose to fame after a fight in his marriage with a popular vlogger, has to stand in front of a cop who tries to win over the vlogger’s heart.

One of the few scenes in the movie without any of the fuss helps us point a finger at why some parts of this bloody spectacle actually work on screen. Wasim (Tovino Thomas), the protagonist, is coming in style as the chief guest at a college function, leaving fans lovingly excited. A literary figure who is in the midst of a speech on the misguided ways of the current generation, is clearly not pleased with Wasim’s welcome. Contemptuously, he asks Wasim if he has made any positive contribution to the society by sitting so ruthlessly in the chief guest’s chair.

Wasim used his popularity among the younger audience to downvote him, but neither he nor his fans answered the question. There is a viral video of him fighting at a wedding for his only claim to fame….his wedding in particular. There is no deep answer to that question. It is related to the nature of fame in the present age. For example, the inexplicable fame of some reality show contestants makes us wonder if they are living in a parallel world. The film also exists in a parallel world where there are more fists on the face than in the real world.

Even Wasim’s love affair with vlogger Beepathu (Kalyani Priyadarshan) is triggered by a fight. His friends are equally prone to use their fists, and things get quite ugly when they cross paths with police officer Reggie (Shine Tom Chacko) and his friends. thallumala Khalid is unlike any of the other three films made by Rahman, and shows glimpses of his craft as a director. For that matter, it is unlike any other film ever made in the industry, except ajagjantaramIn which there was also a fight several times. However, it is a world away from the latter in its structure and surroundings.

thallumala There is a film in which the fight choreographer has a lot more in common than screenwriters Muhsin Parari and Ashraf Hamza. Of the many carefully planned set pieces that stand out, the one inside a theater is completely free. , With the screen literally going up in flames , And a hilarious one inside an SUV. The lack of essence in the narrative is reflected in the interludes between these well-crafted sensory outbursts. The non-linear style it follows and the relentless fight-song-fight routine helps to overcome some of these failures, as one hardly gets any breathing space to think.

Yet, when one pauses to think, after all the explosions have stopped, only a few action sequences are left with the high level of their technical excellence and nothing more to write home. In spite of all his art, thallumala Social media reel depth is the best. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Thallumala is currently running in theaters

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