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C-295 transport air vehicle in Vadodara

New Delhi:

Marnar Modir 30 Foundation stone for the construction of C-295 transport aircraft at Vadodara, Gujarat. What will be the situation after this situation. Sega, a subsidiary of Airbus for air communications. The wind-powered bar meets the weather from 16 air environments. These conversations between 23 February 2023 and 23 August 2025.

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Tata Tata These will be built from 2026 to August 2031. 71 soldiers and 40 purses came under the control of this officer. In 5 to 10 seasons the germ will be able to move to the proper place for recovery.

Defense Guardian Kumar said that the total cost of such Bajaj is Rs 21,900 crore. After a recent update to the Air, Management will manage the installation of the Management Tools for building the Air system.

Rajasthan: The aircraft that flies in the air after Rajasthan is the one to fly in the aircraft.