The epitome of compassion and companion of the vagabond – Divya Puri

New Delhi :

Divatai Puri The 36-year-old diva in Delhi̵7;s New Friends is totally right. Food to the vagabond since 2012. It was not outside time even outside Corona.

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How did Divya start this out of sadness. . This work will be successful in the way I act like my mother.”

Determine your father’s name later. “Prevention is about to progress from a roll in a life to a condition my mom cares for after it gets worse. Improve productivity.”

But it shakes Divya again and again. Diseases like Divya and Mother nearby in the light of pest care. Recruiting was recorded in two separate separate. Sickness followed by flying sickness until 13 o’clock.

“Even on the bed of Attal, the dangerous potential – weakening of Vata – has to go and spoil that ability. Divya said.

In today’s date Qurbani in the date of Qur’an is 75 kg weight and 45 in least cost to 400 vagabonds. This is a security system that no stray eats kukra in safety for 5 minutes.

After ringing continuously at such a time, traveled far and wide, lasting forever at infinity. †â€

Divya lost her parents. to Corona. The decision to carry on the legacy of Divinity. The care of the stray is also taken care of. The future is an example to the Heroine Society that you have anything.