The story of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch dressed in the role of a soldier in the showbag of the garden

Sex saba in the role of Fauji Batu in Shobagh of Aag

New Delhi :

Saba (Saba Qamar) is in better shape. reputed in India. Review about meeting troops in your new show. This is the story of a village in Baloch, which is the story of a marriage. ‘Baghi’ as Qandeel. Anti effective life.

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With shows like ‘Zindagi Gul Hai’, ‘Swatantrata’ and ‘Sadke’ recently garnered for a value-added service at D place. In terms of quality. A tragic and ruthless massacre of the honor killing of Qandeel Baloch in the new show of life ‘Baaghi’ shocked the whole world. Dangerous from June 28 to 7 PM, TV running on Dish and d2h Services

About working on the show. He controlled himself in the environment. People never keep their eyes on life. When I read the script, I immediately felt a connection with Qandeel’s courageous and intense personality.

The ‘rebel’ fearless life can experience a disease like yours when it experiences this disease. About the show In appearance, style, with style, especially muscular projects, “Baaghi is in a position to turn into a lifestyle. The stars of social media and all are well.”