The Telugu student who was shot in Chicago reached America 10 days ago.

Three Telugu students who had gone to the US to pursue higher studies were attacked by armed robbers in Chicago, Illinois, about 10 days ago. One of the two seriously injured died during treatment.

Trio – N. of Hyderabad in Telangana. Devashish (23) and K. Sai Charan (22) and Laxman from Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam – reached Chicago around January 13 and enrolled in a master’s program at the Governors State University, Chicago, according to reports.

On the evening (local time) of January 22, the three who were in a parking lot were reportedly confronted by two armed Afro-Americans. When he obeyed the robbers and gave everything he had, the robbers opened fire on him. Reports said that Laxman escaped unhurt, while Devashish and Sai Charan suffered serious torso injuries. Representatives of the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) reached out to the students and extended necessary support.

Devashish breathed his last during treatment. Laxman was with us and we have taken care of him. We met Sai Charan in the hospital and he is stable. We were told that he is out of danger. Hindu Tuesday by phone.

Mr. Hema said that even though Devashish’s family is from Andhra Pradesh, they had settled in Hyderabad long back. He said that both Sai Charan and Devashish are from Hyderabad and Devashish’s father also works in America. He said that representatives of the Indian Embassy also visited Sai Charan in the hospital. He said that all the three students had come to America about 10 days ago.

Shri Hema said that necessary assistance will be provided to Devashish’s family in sending the body to India and due process is underway. Meanwhile, the AP Non-Resident Telugu Society is also reaching out to the families of the victims.