This video of a man walking on a very thin mountain ridge will scare you

Leyland Niskey has a whopping 70,400 followers on Instagram

Have a fear of heights? Then this video will send chills down your spine. A video showing a climber named Leland Niskey crossing a very thin mountain ridge has gone viral. Video Shot at Forbidden Peak, located in North Cascades National Park in Washington state.

Mr Niskey, a professional climber and guide, posted a short clip on his Instagram page. “I love me some super exposed thin ridge climbing! Headed out to the Boston Basin a few days ago, and I’m constantly amazed by all the incredible areas around the Cascades. So many small mountain ranges, and new places to explore. It’s all Like a giant playground,” Mr Niskey wrote in the caption.

The video was posted on 2 September, showing Mr Niskey walking up a slender mountain hill. He is not attached to the harness, every step the man takes will surely distract you. The top angle gives an intimidating feeling of how high the climbers are. The video has been viewed 24,300 times with 24,330 likes and many comments.

Seeing the creepy video, social media also trembled with fear.

One of the comments on the video read, “What the heck??? Glad you got out of this safe. Amazing,” wrote another user, “I’m just dodging myself.” A third user commented, “My adrenaline doesn’t know what to do with itself anymore. “Wow.. getting goosebumps – thanks for recording and sharing your experiences,” commented the fourth.

Mr Niskey has a huge fan following of 70,400 followers on Instagram. He often posts videos and pictures of his adventures.

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