‘Uddhav had said if CM Shivji was engaged…’: BJP’s rebel MLA Deepak Kesar

New Delhi:

Eknath Shinde signed the new Council of Ministers of Maharashtra. This organization was established in the Rajya Bhavan. Chana Shinde becomes the CM of ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko un un kastak in kasama in kasama in kasama in kasama in kastama in kastak in me rebel MLA Eknath Shinde’s MLA as in tv se ac thing like Of. He said it is also. To make a complaint of Shinde’s disorder.

this also further

One Shinde became chief minister’s messenger, Devendra Fadnavis became the chief minister

Kesarkar said that meditation was done to Eknath Shinde. I I Legal would also be legal if there was a case, which would not be legally resolved. To be permanent is to be forever. When NYC collapsed, Kesarkar had said that if this happens, it will also be certain. Vauraur si kanaut hai now those k shinde shinde shinde shinde shinde ji ji k ji shinde ji k shinde those those those those

Uddhav congratulated Eknath Shinde and Dev Fadnavis, it was done

Uddav’s family will be like the ocean, driven by such a mission. Devendra Fadnavis, who worked Uddhav, was impressed because of the spoils he was doing. Even after joining the account of fee, more than 100 builds even after joining the account of MLA. Electricity is supplied with electricity for the MLA along with the electricity for the party with the party. Kesarkar has asked to increase the switching action. We are like that as well. Kesar said that it is about this matter.

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