Umpire signals wide, batter still ends up being caught. watch video

A wrong umpiring call triggers a wave of negative reactions, becomes a hot topic of debate but a video has surfaced on social media in which such a mistake has become a source of laughter for netizens. In the viral video, an umpire can be seen making strange calls during a village cricket match.

During the competition, the on-field match official is seen calling a wide ball even before the delivery is complete. The bowler bowled a looping ball that was down the leg side, and the batsman tried to get the maximum run from it.

But he failed to connect and was given an easy catch to the wicketkeeper.

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The video of this bizarre turn of events was first shared by the Burmese Army of England on their official Twitter handle.

The caption of the video reads, “Umpire already signaled wide…out caught.”

It even made the players sitting on the dugout laugh.

Umpiring though not a joke, is a daunting task that warrants close scrutiny and widespread, sometimes unfair, criticism should be called wrongdoing.

The viral video, however, has garnered hilarity from fans on social media.

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“Did he pull the pin before throwing that grenade?” One user wrote.

“Not so much a celebration by the fielding team, maybe it’s a regular occurrence?!” Another user expressed condolences.

Another posted, “That’s why batting can be so frustrating. We’re all out there trying to hit a rank distribution pretty hard. Unlucky dude and welcome to the club!” However, another tweeted, “Absolute mystery ball.”

“It is difficult to decide whether that ball landed on the pitch or just went off; Which (should have) resulted in a no-ball,” shouted another fan.

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