“Update the party for the first time”, says Deepak Kesarkar

New Delhi:

After the new government in Maharashtra, once again the program between the Uddhav faction and the Eknath Shinde faction started again. Party Party Party is also its enemy. Deepak Kesarkar, leader of the Samajnath Shinde faction, makes a special deal with NDTV on the state of a state. He said that no one has done this. Uddhav. Keep this in mind. To replace as Uddhav, whichever party has lost its public, which are the members. , This test can be done. We will speak whatever we say. But whatever the law according to him, he can prove to be disqualified. That is, if you have fun for 15 hours of entertainment and sing a song for your party, then you can do it. I will vote to contest for this election. , You can think for the first time. , This is to ensure that they are MLAs. This is not right.

this also further

“We had to face” – Uddhav again installing on Eknath Shinde faction

Udav Thackeray (Uddhav Thackeray) after sitting for the first time with the Maharashtrian transit. He said, “No one can snatch the symbol of Shiv Sena from us. ‘Arrow and Command’ will remain the election symbol of his party.” The election was predicted to contest for victory. demanded election.

Chanakya Tasveer strengthens his Eknath Shinde #RealShivSena combination

Uddhav congratulated everyone on this. Until that happens, it will be a prediction. , Unusually unusual, 15 unusually unusual abnormalities at times are not visible to anyone.

In Maharashtra’s new cabinet, 13 from BJP, 13 from Shiv Sena’s Chief Minister Eknath Shinde faction: Sources

It has been said, “Whatever was wrong.” To enemy-prediction, “Told everyone that there is Dhanu-Banam. We told our workers that something happened. No one can take the bow of Shiv Sena from us. Thackeray said, “Pictures are coming that so many councilors have gone But now the Municipal Corporation is not running, all of them are workers at present, no. 24 days full day, any number of days, for as long as it is. Whatever the people were, there were those who were with us.”

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