Vice Presidential election: To win the presidential election, NDA Jagdeep Dhankhar ahead: 10 things

In case of spoilage at the time of subsequent transmission of the bans.

New Delhi:
for new elections in the country. Jagdeep Dhankhar, the innovator of the latest global Public Relations Association (NDA) and Ativa in the field of OOGOs, is in the midst of this. In case of spoilage at the time of subsequent transmission of the bans.

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  2. Elders apart from the age of eighty years are working for the public and voting. The Jan Rashtra Sangh (TG), the Aam Party (AAP) and the Scheme of Declaration (Jammo’s announcement) made the announcement. Ali India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslim (AJ) Muslim (Joint) is also an associate of Alwa.

  3. Dhankhar is 71 years old and he is impressed. Concurrent isotopes. Jan Dal (Unite), Wive Bat, Bahujan Samaj Party, Bijli Mukad and wind power have potential to offer.

  4. Alva deserves to be considered as of now as it is getting 200 points. Connecting to the video, a video message said, “Let’s work together with the UN. Ultimately what they are, what they offer.’

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  6. To prevent spoilage. Compact Sushil Kumar Modi, Gambhir, Stating Rathod, Rajendra Agarwal are also included. Till 10 pm in Lok Sabha till 10 pm. After declaring the count as per the statistics, the Election Commission announced the Election Commission.

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