VIDEO: Harhey’s ‘murder’ at wedding meeting, murder of army man

New Delhi:

As soon as the marriage ceremony will take place in the marriage meeting in the marriage meeting in the night marriage meeting in Brahmanagar of Gotwali area in Sonbhadra’s Gogambandh. In the normal course of time when the battery wears out, it is kept in a bad state when the battery is damaged. The implement was in the Brahmanagar mohal of Brahmanagar to be managed and went gable to gable. The announcement was made in the event of inclement weather on the ground.

this also further

Sonbhadra Superintendent of Police Amarendra Pratap Singh corrected him. After updated, this state was changed whenever updated, whenever the status was changed, this state was changed. Social Distancing

The event can be done. There was panic in the meeting after the incident.


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