Video: Huge bear entered the store in America, shocked to see the cashier came out with candies

The bear̵

7;s entry was captured in the CCTV installed inside the convenience store. (Representative)

A video of a bear entering a California store and eating some candies has gone viral on social media. No one likes bears inside the premises of their building, but a 7-Eleven store employee in Olympic Valley was shocked to see cute animal candy stealing from the store. The event is September 6th Sacramento BeeWhich was added less than a year ago, another bear was taking a walk and found a hand sanitizer at 7-Eleven.

shop Cashier Christopher Kinson was quoted as saying that he was working the night shift when he discovered the brown bear.

Check out the video below:

“It came in, sniffed around, then got off the scooter,” he said. “Once he got the food he wanted, he walked out the door.”

The bear’s entry was captured in the CCTV installed inside the convenience store. Mr Kinson said the footage didn’t do it justice and that the furry animals were actually “20% to 30% larger than they were in real life.”

He was quoted as saying by People That bear came back two or three times to grab more snacks.

“I was scared initially, but they just want to eat. Though you always have to be careful. We don’t know how they’re really thinking. Initially I was scared, but after 15, 20 seconds, I It was fine,” he said. Store Clerk.

“It’s funny. It’s like it was intentionally polite to have a candy bar once in a while,” Mr. Kinson said.

After repeated visits to the bear, Mr. Kinson decided to stop the animal’s invasion so that the store would not become his source of food. So, he closed the door with a litter bag and mop.

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