Viral: The youth made fun of eating ‘Hinglish’, the video got more than 10 million views

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While some may balk at punishment, it must be accepted that they require a certain level of creativity, In India, we have the opportunity to practice words in two or even more languages, not just in one language. This opens up many avenues of possibilities. Recent Instagram Reel Ons food penalty spread rapidly. You need to understand English as well as Hindi to understand the logic of the sentences. In the video, a series of youths appear one after the other and deliver the same sentence on the screen. A picture of the respective food item is also presented in a small square in the middle.
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For example, the first boy says, “Why should I laugh, I am bread.” (Translation: “Why should I laugh, I cry.” “Roti” can be interpreted as an Indian flatbread or a Hindi verb meaning “to cry”). The next boy says, “Why should I wake up, I have slept.” (Translation: “Why should I be awake? I am sleeping.” Soya can mean “soy” or a food made from it. soy) Another youth in the video says, “Why should I spend, I am from.” As mentioned earlier, these jokes lose their charm if translated. But this is also what makes them special. Watch the full reel below:

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The video has so far garnered 10.8M views and 1.1M likes. Comments started pouring in, people shared their jokes in this style. Many of them started making new sentences using the format “I que __, I toh __ hu”. reel has received over 7,500 notes So far. One user said, “I know but understood the comment section assignment.” Another said, “I can’t stop laughing because of the comment section.” Another user claimed, “The comments are more interesting.” Here are some ‘Hinglish’ puns and jokes that people mentioned in the comments:

“Why should I trust, I am a sugar drinker.”
“Mai que na shor machau, mai to bajra hoon.”
“My mother why foggy, I have lost my mother.”
“Why should I eat sugar, I am jaggery.”
“Who will make me special, I am common.”
“Why should I reduce the volume of the phone, I am my father.”
“Why should I tone it down, I’m a mommy!!”

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