Virus Infection Mode: Battlegrounds Mobile India Virus Infection Mode Taken Over By Crafton, Here’s Why – Times of India

Crafton has temporarily taken down virus infection mode From Battleground Mobile India Because of an issue with Game Mode. The game developer has confirmed that they are working on a fix and will update BGMI players upon development.
The company published a notice regarding this issue virus infection officer on mode battlefield mobile The India website on December 9 mentions turning off the mode due to a problem. However, the notice does not contain any details about the issue.
The post also assures BGMI players that they will be notified once the problem is fixed and the virus infected mode goes live.
The notice reads, “Dear Battlegrounds Mobile India fans, we have identified an issue while playing Virus Infection Mode, and will temporarily remove the mod on December 9th, 14:50 pm. We will fix the issue as soon as possible. and will notify you immediately upon recovery. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
Also, as of now, there is no information from the company as to when the problem will be fixed and the game mode will go back live for players to jump into the battle of humans vs zombies.
For those unaware, virus infection mode is a part of zombie mode in Battlegrounds Mobile India. This mode allows players to play against zombies who are trying to impress them. Players must defend themselves by killing them.
The game mode consists of three rounds and includes power-ups, boosters, and more.