Want to record video in cinematic style using your iPhone? Use this feature to get quality shots

New Delhi: Everyone has grown up watching movies and cinematic classics that use complex focus bridges to direct your gaze to a different area of ​​the screen and wonder how they were able to achieve such a shot. Getting the results you see in your favorite movies and television shows requires not only specialized gear but years of focus-pulling experience.

But thanks to companies like Apple, you can now fit such capabilities into a smaller gadget like a smartphone. You can use the iPhone’s Cinematic Mode to record video with a shallow depth of field and change the focus from one subject to another to give your work a more “cinematic” style. This feature was first introduced with the iPhone 13 series. (Also read:

How to use Cinematic Mode on iPhone:

– Open the iPhone Camera app.

– Swipe up on Cinematic Mode to start recording in that mode.

– Select the f-stop according to the goals.

– Choose the appropriate lens to shoot video.

– Adjust your exposure to suit your needs.

Here are the lists of iPhones that support Cinematic Mode:

– iPhone 13

– iPhone 13 Pro

– iphone 13 mini

– iPhone 13 Pro Max

– iPhone 14

– iPhone 14 Plus

– iPhone 14 Pro

– iPhone 14 Pro Max