Washington Post joins ‘layoff drive’ after Jeff Bezos visit

More than 50,000 jobs have been cut in the technology sector in the last one month. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, 3M are some of the tech giants that reduced their workforce citing various reasons. However, the retrenchment campaign did not stop within technical boundaries, it also penetrated news organizations Washington Post To be the first such company.

Broadsheet owned by Jeff Bezos It also began laying off staff on Tuesday, citing declining advertising revenue and readership, The New York Post reported. The information about the layoffs came against the backdrop of a visit by Jeff Bezos to the company headquarters.

The company is expected to fire 20 journalists and not fill 30 positions that are already vacant. The announcement of the impending layoffs comes weeks after publisher Fred Ryan assured that the company’s headcount would remain the same or higher through the end of 2023, the news outlet said.

Jeff Bezos, who is also the founder of e-commerce platform Amazon, is likely to sell American newspaper The Washington Post to buy the football team Washington Commanders, The New York Post reported.

Bought in 2013 for $250 million, Bezos wants to clear the way for the Commanders to take over from embattled owner Dan Snyder.

Reports say Bezos is facing trouble because the Commanders’ struggling owner, Dan Snyder, is still fuming about a series of scathing newsletters that exposed a toxic management culture at the team, including Snyder. Bosses are allegedly responsible for enabling sexual harassment.

News agency ANI reported that The Washington Post is considered for sale by a logical suitor, who intends to submit an offer.

However, the source declined to identify the suitor. A second newspaper buyer and seller claimed to have heard rumors that the publication might be up for sale.

A spokesman for Bezos said The Washington Post is not for sale. A spokeswoman for the Journal – whose owner, News Corp, also owns the New York Post – also said the paper is not for sale.

(with inputs from agencies)

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