Watch: Man reaches Antwerp to buy ring for partner, his expensive proposal wins internet

The video has garnered over 24,000 likes and over 339,000 views.

A wholesome video showing a man’s extravagant proposal has gone viral on social media. The clip, shared on Instagram by user Divyadeep Bhatnagar, shows how he flew to the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, to pick up a ring for his partner and then enacted a dance number with his friends before surprising his girlfriend. .

In the clip, Mr Bhatnagar said he wanted to do something special for his girlfriend, so he decided to go to Antwerp to buy her a diamond ring. Once he arrived in the Belgian city, he did research and bought the ring after seeing a few options. When he returned home, Mr. Bhatnagar gathered his friends and family to make a grand proposal. He booked an auditorium and prepared a dance number with his friends before surprising his partner.

Watch the video below:

“If she’s important to you, show her. Wow! She said yes,” Bhatnagar captioned the post. He shared the clip on January 5 and it has since collected over 24,000 likes and over 339,000 views.

Internet users flooded the comments section with all kinds of cool responses. One user wrote, “This is so cute. Congratulations.” “They try >>>” said another.

A third user commented, “So healthy,” while a fourth said, “It’s so beautiful”.

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Meanwhile, speaking on extraordinary resolutions, first a Video of a man proposing to his girlfriend The mid-air footage of an Air India flight went viral online. The video was posted on LinkedIn by Ramesh Kotnana and it shows the man getting down on one knee to propose to the woman, who is taken aback by the romantic gesture.

The clip delighted internet users as they gave the man a thumbs up for his effort. Some users even called it “true love” and appreciated how others on the flight celebrated the occasion.

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