What has been written about the occurrence of the latest event?

This is also included in Gaza.


More than 15 Israelis, including a top infiltrator, said it attacked. For the community with hypertension. There were no immediate reports of casualties inside Israel, with officials in the country’s commercial capital Tel Aviv saying they were opening the city’s bomb shelters.

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Join the Islamic Hasistement. Partner added it in 2007. According to this type of “Taitva” mission, “Taitva with danger of danger”. For the first time in the event of a fire from a building in the city, the locations are prepared in advance.

Like Gaza was imposed by the West. “Our skills are 15 to be able to”.

US Ambassador Tom Nides said Washington “strongly believes that Israel has a right to defend itself”, writing on Twitter, “We are in talks with various parties and call for peace from all sides.” Ala-Rajishi of Gaza City later said the situation was “strange”. , Hamas, the dangerous group operating in Gaza, said that “a new crime would be satanic”.

Also further: Program started program, IDF released program program

The office of malfunctioning president Mahmoud Abbas said the stat’s military was a “dangerous escalation” and applied “aggression” to “aggression”. By the first morning the demon army had produced 80 members of the Gaza border (flying in the air at 50 am). Withheld from being applied to weather related work.


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