When Rakesh Roshan made son Hrithik Roshan travel in taxis, autos and buses

As actor-director Rakesh Roshan celebrated his 73rd birthday on September 6 with his son Hrithik Roshan and family, an old interview of him has resurfaced on the internet. Rakesh had earlier admitted in an interview with DNA in 2017 that he forced Hrithik to travel in taxis, autos and buses. He also said that he wanted his son to pursue his goals as he had failed as an actor.

Rakesh shared, “Hrithik has worked really hard. I failed as an actor. But like any parent, I wanted my son to live out my dreams. He has done what I could not do in my life. He is a superstar, he is liked by many people all over the world. But he is my son and that makes me a proud father. He has seen ups and downs in his career and I think that should always be the case because that’s how he learns from his mistakes.

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After graduating from college, Hrithik Roshan started working on Karan Arjun as an assistant director with his father. Due to strict rules with Rakesh Roshan, he never sat with him for lunch or dinner. Additionally, Hrithik was not allowed to ride in Rakesh Roshan’s vehicles.

He said, ‘After graduating from college, he was selected to learn special effects abroad. But he chose to stay here and started working on Karan Arjun with me. as Assistant Director. I was very strict with him. I made sure he didn’t sit with us for lunch or dinner. He will not travel in my car. Instead, he will travel in taxis, autos or buses with other ADs.”

“We would be having breakfast at the same table at home, but on the sets, he was not my son but just another assistant. He has to share a room with three other people and have a meal with them. That’s how I thought he would learn a lot better,” said the filmmaker.

Rakesh has appeared in films like Kaamchor (1982) with Jayaprada and Sundar (1980) with Rekha. However, the films directed by him, such as Khoon Bhari Maang (1988) and Karan Arjun, remain some of his most famous works (1995). Hrithik was the star of his most recent films as a director. Rakesh once remarked that Hrithik has achieved things in life that he was never able to do.

Apart from the film Karan Arjun, which starred Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik has worked with Rakesh in the films Khel (1992) and Koyla (1997). Hrithik was then cast in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai opposite Ameesha Patel, who made him Bollywood Debut in film.

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