Woman shares video of memory quilt made from father’s clothes, internet emotional

The woman took the quilt to her brother after waiting for two years.

The loss of a loved one is difficult to bear. People are not able to recover from such loss, especially of a family member. They will do anything to keep their memories alive. A woman did the same thing by turning her father’s old shirts into quilts.

A woman named Nikita Khini posted a video of her unique creation on Instagram and it left the internet emotional.

He shared the video on June 19 on the occasion of Father’s Day.

The short video tells a story with the help of text supers to inform users that the woman had sent the clothes to a “magic place” two years ago, which sorted them according to her father’s favorite colors – pink and blue. was.

In the video, some workers are seen sorting clothes and then a woman is using a sewing machine to stitch a quilt.

The text on the video further says that the woman waited two years before traveling with the quilt to surprise her brother, who looks at the finished product in surprise.

The video ends with a short clip of the woman’s father and a text that read, “Keeping us warmer than ever beyond.”

In the accompanying text, the woman wrote on Instagram that it took her two years to complete the quilt. “I couldn’t get myself to shoot the part where the package arrived at my place on Dad’s birthday (incidentally) – 8th March 2021 and I unpacked it and could feel the emotions I had felt throughout my life.” Have not experienced in life,” she wrote.

“If Dad was here, he would have hated that we donned his shirt (yes, he was short), so I couldn’t have found a better way to pay tribute to his existence,” she continued.

The video has garnered around 90,000 likes and many users have made emotional comments.

“The video, this story and the caption… it’s all just love. Sundar.. Sundar.. I think your dad succeeded in making you strong and a wonderful human being. God rest in peace,” one user.

“I feel like crying,” added another.

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