Zareen Khan’s mother in ICU, actress requests fans to pray for her speedy recovery. Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India

">Bollywood Actress Zareen Khan Difficult times are going on as his mother is ill. Zareen shared on Instagram that her mother has been hospitalized ICU And urged his fans and followers to pray for his mother’s speedy recovery. Zareen wrote, “My mother’s health is very bad again… she had to be taken to the hospital. hospital Again last night…he is in ICU. All of you are requested to kindly pray for my mother’s speedy recovery. Zareen Khan has been ruling the hearts of millions, but she has also had her share of ups and downs in her career ever since she first ventured into B-Town. Zareen feels her potential . Many factors including ‘who are you friends with’, how many parties you attend and also that she doesn’t come from a film family. During the conversation Zareen said, ‘Somehow early in my career, I didn’t know how network and appearing in these parties is so important to your work. Since I didn’t put that much effort into making friends with business people, I lacked opportunities. The major trend right now is that everyone is everyone’s friend and they are dealing with how people m with their friends. Would love to get work if people keep recommending their friends in Bollywood?’ The actress also said that she “didn’t get enough opportunities” and added, “People don’t know me on a level and that’s why they don’t know my potential. They have judged me based on what I have seen on screen. They have again become very limited because I didn’t really get enough opportunities. They’re not really open to giving me a chance and look at me beyond just a warm, eye candy.’ Zareen ends their conversation by emphasizing that she wants people to ‘audit’ her and ‘give her that chance’ to show what she can bring to the table. For more news and updates, stay tuned to eTimes.

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