Ashish Vidyarthi’s First Wife Urges People To Be ‘Kind’, Says ‘He Is Not a Bad Person’

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Ashish Vidyarthi and Piloo Vidyarthi parted ways in 2021. (Photos: Instagram)

Ashish Vidyarthi surprised everyone on May 25 after he announced his second marriage with entrepreneur Rupali Barua.

Ashish Vidyarthi has been ruling headlines ever since he surprised everyone with his second marriage at the age of 57. The actor tied the knot with entrepreneur Rupali Barua in an intimate ceremony on Thursday, May 25. A day after, his former wife, Piloo Vidyarthi talked about their separation and mentioned how ‘some just cannot take it when two people do it peacefully and beautifully’.

Piloo further urged everyone to be ‘kind’ and clarified that they are still friends with each other. “For Rupali, I would again say it’s a rare thing to find someone. People are passing comments because they cannot accept generosity. I am quite a transparent person. My fans, followers and people who know me, are aware that I am the same person inside and out. I have not been tortured. Ashish met Rupali after our decision. He is not a bad person. He is a good guy. Can’t we expect a little kindness from people? Bless us please for our individual paths. We are friends and we will always be the same,” she told Hindustan Times.

Even though Ashish and Piloo parted ways in 2021, the latter revealed that she will not be changing her surname. “These things are done when you have a point to prove. I have nothing to prove. Look what I was and what I am now. What does a name have to do with it? It’s just a name. I will continue to be Piloo Vidyarthi,” she added.

Earlier today, Ashish also issued a video statement in which he talked about his separation from Piloo. He mentioned that even though they came a long way, they saw future differently. “We tried our best if we could sort out our differences. That we noticed that the differences can be sorted out but it would be in a way that one of us will impose on the other. And that will take away from happiness. And, happiness is all what we want, right? So at that point we both sat down together and said that we would do it amicably,” he stated.