Broacha in Bengaluru: India’s real funny men on comedy and change

Cyrus Broacha | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It’s no surprise that a conversation with Cyrus Broacha begins, ends, and is full of jokes. And this banter and humour, is exactly what Bengalis can expect from the comedian’s upcoming show in the city on February 8.

Cyrus Broacha Unlimited, presented by Rayal Padamsee’s ACE, is premiering for the first time in Bengaluru this month at Chowdiah Memorial Hall. The hour-long show promises to be more than just a standup segment, with interactive quizzes, talent rounds, games and more.

“Our genre sucks, there’s no point in changing it,” says Broacha. “I don’t even know if I have enough material anymore. I like to keep it light and conversational, mixing standup with observation and audience participation so my old legs can rest from time to time.

With his long-standing association with comedy dating back to the 90s, it is safe to call Broacha one of the original funny men of India. Far from being flushed with fresh blood, Broacha continues to tickle the funny bone, and bears witness to the many changes in the developing comedy scene. One is audience participation. “Back when I started, you had to drag people on stage. Now they are more confident and fun. So why let them sit when they can participate and rant about Bengaluru’s traffic, economy or layoffs go?

Of course, that’s not the only change he’s noticed. In recent times, comedians have had to be doubly careful about their content, lest they invite trolls, criticism or even lawsuits. And these developments are not without political undercurrents.

Ask any millennial and they will remember Broacha and his MTV Bakra days with great fondness. Such is the legacy of the show that comedians are still asked about bringing it back. For the 51-year-old, the answer is no, unless great ideas inspire him. “We’ve done a lot with it, it’s out of our system.”

Alcohol and late nights also do not interest Broacha, who is now a “recluse” and a “sage”.

“I hate to bore you, but old age changes you like that,” says Broacha. “Why don’t we have morning or brunch standups? Around 11 or 12.

Until he finds a way to make it happen, Cyrus Broacha has a busy year ahead with The Unlimited Show, his podcast Cyrus Says, and even a web series that has yet to be picked up.

Rael Padamsee’s ACE’s Cyrus Broacha Unlimited takes place on Wednesday, February 8 at 7:30 PM at Chowdiah Memorial Hall. Tickets are available on