In the case of swap, Chamchamam in the hands of NCB

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New Delhi:

In lieu of Rs 300 crore from the garden in Indriva position. NCB has picked one from East Delhi with the name of Shamim. Sham of information is related to the business of fat. View from NCB side. He was supposed to make money from heroin. In this case it is the fifth.

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In this kask kayraur knt kraurol b kir ne r se two two two two two two two two two two two two two two two two two two se se se se se ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne B Ne ANCB NCB said that if in the situation and helping the NIA, it was also. (phrase) to be replaced by n. had said, whatever he had published, it would appear according to the prophet.

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In Delhi, Narco Forwarding put together the phone of the Syndicate. central thirteen trauraunt’s agency ruroin a huge consignment consignment consignment consignment consignment big big big ncb 50 heroin, 30 lac, note counting machine and 47 other types by swapping one key. It is dangerous to test.

In the investigation recovered, it was found that the consignment had come to Delhi. Can transact in consignments. it was right. The weather was the season. ️ Marine️ Marine️ Border️ Marine️ Marine️ Marine It was updated in Punjab, Delhi and Delhi. One in this situation is of Indian origin.

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300 crore 50 kg heroin and 30 lakh lakh from the administrative garden of Delhi

NCB increase in 300 crore heroin status, 2 germs from Delhi, linked to insect


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