Initial unrest and subsequent recovery marked Naidu’s tenure as Speaker

The tenure of Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu was initially marked by low productivity at home, followed by recovery, officials said on Saturday.

Of the 13 plenary sessions he presided over this year’s budget session, his productivity in the first five sessions ranged from just 6.80% to 58.80%. In his next 8 sessions, he improved significantly in 6 sessions, his productivity ranged from 76% to 105% and 5 sessions worked almost 100% of the time.

58 issues were mainly responsible for the disruptions and forced adjournments of the House during this period.

“57 per cent of the sittings of Rajya Sabha have witnessed disruption and forced adjournment of the House for any part of the day or for the whole day. The issue of special category status for Andhra Pradesh was raised in 36 sittings in four sittings. As of 2018. The highest number of 24 times during the budget session,” read an official statement.

The next four issues included the passage of three agricultural laws and farmers’ protest, Pegasus spyware, formation of the Cauvery Water Management Board and the suspension of 12 members in the 2021 winter session.

During the tenure of Vice President Naidu, about 78 percent of the Rajya Sabha members were present in the House every day. While about 3 per cent did not do so, 30 per cent of the members reported full attendance at various sessions.

Since 1978, for which detailed data about the working of the Rajya Sabha is kept, the House has come to spend less and less time primarily on its ‘monitoring’ task of ensuring the accountability of the executive to the Parliament, Utilization of question hour due to continuous shortfall.

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