Jagjag Jio review: Neetu Kapoor shines in Raj Mehta’s family drama

Indian audience can never go beyond a good family drama. Watch movies like Kapoor & Sons or Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) and you know that despite their problems, we watch these movies simply because these movies are entertaining, and are family dramas that connect with the audience instantly. . For a long time, despite the rise of OTT and many new topics being discussed in films, we lacked a quintessential family drama with a generous dose of comedy. Needless to say, JugJug Jiyo promised to be all that, and high hopes were set immediately.

Now, having walked out of the theaters after watching it, it is safe to say that the film has lived up to the hype it had created. The story revolves around Kukku (Varun Dhawan) and Naina (Kiara Advani), childhood sweethearts whose marriage takes a turn for the worse and they decide to get a divorce. As they struggle to tell Kukku’s family about their decision, Kukku suffers another setback as his father (Anil Kapoor) reveals that he wants to divorce his mother (played by Neetu Kapoor). .

Amidst all the chaos that has been presented to us in a comical way, one can begin to think that this is an out-and-out comedy. But as was the case with director Raj Mehta, the second part opens the way for emotion and drama, and all problems are addressed instead of turning a blind eye to ‘mistakes’.

While the focus of the film is on tackling the issues, it is Raj’s unexpected story that draws you to the second half of the film. He keeps making you double guess – is he heading towards a realistic ending? Will that give us a happy ending? The problem with family drama is that everyone wants a hunky-dory ending, otherwise a section of the audience may be offended. Raj tackles expectations and reality with a fair amount of sugar coating.

However, the star of the film is Neetu Kapoor. She is a powerhouse artist, and no matter how far she stays away from the camera, talent is bound to come out when it starts rolling. Emotional sequences are placed on her shoulder and she anchors them beautifully. From the dialogue delivery to showing the dilemma Geeta goes through, she is brilliant in every sequence. In fact, her performance can move even the toughest souls.

The entire cast is good in its totality as well. Varun Dhawan plays a man caught between his own failed relationship and the man who takes the responsibility of saving his parents’ marriage. He tackles emotional turmoil in the first half while maintaining the comic timing, and he does so deftly. This has also been made possible by Anil Kapoor’s impeccable acting. He is comfortable in his portrayal of Bheem, the man whose character provides the main element of surprise in the film. He makes acting like a cakewalk.

Kiara Advani once again slips smoothly into Naina’s shoes with her fine performance. There’s a lot of subtle-gritty to her character, and she totally pulls them off with her talent. Maniesh Paul, who plays his brother, and he provides plenty of comic relief in even the toughest scenes. That is the sugar-coat that Raj Mehta gives the audience to make the tougher and more emotional scenes all the more palatable.

The background score often decides the mood of the audience. Even in some scenes where one would like to feel angry, the music is cleverly placed to a funny tune, making the audience take it lightly. Emotions peak, and one would realize that the music was deliberately placed in such a way as to overwhelm the audience at the time.

There is a problem with the film. Some jokes seem like old WhatsApp forwards, even if they bring laughter. But one would like to ignore it as JagJag Jio provides wholesome entertainment.

JugJug Jio will make you laugh, cry and connect with the characters on an emotional roller coaster. The film is thoroughly entertaining, and worth the money, and you must watch it.

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