Jan-March ’22. 20% increase in radio ad volume in

As radio advertising volumes continue to improve, toothpaste is one of the top categories that has seen the highest growth in advertising seconds on radio with a 33-fold increase, followed by properties, real estate, for the period January to March 2022. There has been an increase of 32% during the period. In the same period a year ago, a new report came in.

Vicco Laboratories topped the list of advertisers from January to March 2022 and thereafter LIC India received a new report from Tam AdX which has presented its quarterly report on the radio medium.

In terms of growth percentage, the top 10 saw the highest growth percentage in the toothpaste category. It said that the ranks of Vicco Laboratories, UltraTech Cement, Bank of Baroda and Reliance Retail showed positive changes compared to the same quarter a year ago. The report said that they were also the new entrants to the list of top 10 advertisers on radio.

He said that there were a total of 4,100 brands on radio during the quarter. Vicco Vajradanti tops the list of paste brands, followed by LIC Housing Finance. Three out of the top 10 brands belonged to LIC India. Banking and finance were the top categories, with three brands from there while two from the food and beverage sector.

The top 10 cities accounted for 68% of the total ad volume on Medium. Gujarat was at the top with 18% share in ad volume on radio followed by Maharashtra with 17% share. The top five states accounted for 63% of the total ad volume and South radio stations accounted for 24% of the radio. New Delhi topped the list of 18 cities on radio, followed by Jaipur at the second position. Figures are based on seconds for radio, commercial advertisements only.

It added that Pune witnessed the highest growth in ad volume during January and March 2022, i.e. a growth of 55% as compared to the same quarter a year ago.

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