No intention to make mistakes, we have to learn from each other: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal soon realized that his comments on the Assam education system did not go down well with Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and tweeted on Friday that he did not intend to “point out the flaws”

; and “we have to learn”. To make the country stronger “from each other”.

Earlier Sarma insulted Kejriwal’s tweet and tweeted back asking him to “do his homework”.

The entire episode of tussle between the two chief ministers was a result of the Assam government’s move to penalize schools that were not performing. The Assam government asked for the closure of 34 schools because the students of the school performed poorly in the Assam board exams. Of the 34 schools, none of the students could clear the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination.

Kejriwal had tweeted on Wednesday that closing schools is not a solution and more schools need to be opened across the country, and shared a link to a news report claiming that some schools were “closed” in Assam.

Sarma on Thursday took to Twitter to hit out at Kejriwal over the integration of schools and asked him to “do his homework” before commenting.

Sarma had tweeted, “Dear @ArvindKejriwal ji – as always you commented on something without any homework! From my days as education minister till now, please note, the Assam government has completed over 8,610 new schools. Established/acquired,” Sarma had tweeted.

He had also asked how many schools the Delhi government started in the last seven years.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief replied to Sarma’s tweet on Friday.

In his tweet, Kejriwal said, “Oh, looks like you have committed a crime. I didn’t intend to point out your mistakes. We are all one country. We have to learn from each other, only then India will become the number one country.” ” In Hindi.

He further said that he was keen to go to Assam and asked Sarma when he should go to the northeastern state.

He said, “You show me your good work in the field of education. You come to Delhi, I will show you work in Delhi.”

Kejriwal had tweeted on Wednesday in response to a news report that claimed that the Assam government has closed 34 schools due to poor results.

Sarma later claimed that since his tenure as education minister, the state government had, since 2013 till now, brought provincial or private schools under government purview and included 6,802 primary and 1,589 secondary schools, 81 for Kasturba Gandhi Balika The school consists of three Netajis. Subhash Chandra Bose Avashik Vidyalaya and 97 Tea Garden Model Schools.

Later in the day, Sarma, in a series of tweets, mocked Kejriwal and shared some of the differences between Delhi and Assam.

“Dear @ArvindKejriwal ji, your ignorance is painful. Let me help you. Assam is 50 times bigger than Delhi! Our 44521 government schools teach 65 lakh students – as compared to your 1000 schools. Our army of dedicated teachers is no. 2 lakh; midday meal worker 1.18 lakh. Fathom? he wrote on the microblogging website.

In another tweet, Sarma said: “And yes, when you are in Assam, which you so desperately desire, I will take you to our medical colleges, 1000 times better than your Mohalla clinic. Our brightest Also meet government school teachers and students,” and added in Hindi, “Stop worrying about making India No. 1, Modi ji is doing this.”

Sarma also tweeted, “We provide education in six mediums including 14 different tribal languages. Our diversity is something we are proud of, make sure to cherish it and develop it through our unique education system. And yes, we don’t have the resources. Same in Delhi. We are proud of what we have done and what we have done!”

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