No More Mess! 5 Easy Ways To Prevent Food Spills In Your Oven

Picture this: You’re pouring a luscious cake batter into a tin, placing it in the oven, and setting the temperature for it to bake. And now you just can’t wait until you hear the beep of the oven. In anticipation, you take a quick look inside only to find the most dreadful sight ever: cake batter leaking from the baking tin. The very thought can be quite disheartening, especially after you’ve put in all the hard work. Alongside, it also creates a mess in the oven, and cleaning can be challenging. Often, we end up postponing the cleaning process, which further hardens up the food residue. If you’re someone who likes to keep things tidy in the kitchen, this is something that you would want to avoid at all costs. What if we say you can prevent the mess altogether? Here are some easy hacks that’ll prevent food spills in your oven and keep it spotless.
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Kitchen Hacks: Here Are 5 Tips To Prevent Food Spills In Your Oven:

1. Use aluminium foil

Using aluminium foil is an effective way to prevent food spills in your oven. There are two ways in which you can use it. First, you can line the bottom rack of the oven with a sheet of aluminium foil. This will help catch any food that is dripping from above, thus preventing a messy situation. The second way is to cover the food directly with it. By doing so, the food will automatically stay in place and not leak.

2. Use an alternative baking tray

You can even use a baking tray in place of aluminium foil. It works in the same way but is more effective for catching heavier spills. Dishes like lasagna, puddings, etc. are quite heavy, and a baking tray helps collect the food spills with ease. If you place aluminium foil underneath, it may not give you the desired results and even tear up. So, remember what to use when.

3. Do not overcrowd the food

Another thing that most of us often do is overcrowd the baking tray. We know it can be quite tempting to bake all the food at once. After all, who likes to wait to dig into it? However, this may not be a great decision if you wish to prevent it from spilling in the oven. If you overcrowd the baking tray, it will naturally have an impact on the cooking process and increase the chances of spillage.

4. Use an oven liner

An oven liner is a heat-resistant sheet or mat that you can place in your oven. To use it, place it at the bottom part of your oven. It will easily catch any food crumbs or grease splatters and keep your oven spotless. If you’re unable to find an oven liner, you can even use a cookie sheet. It works in a similar manner and is worth considering.
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5. Bake at the right temperature

You must cook your food at the right temperature. Often, we neglect the temperature mentioned in the recipe and adjust it as per our will. We may even skip preheating. And this is exactly why your food ends up spilling in the oven. Always set the temperature to what is mentioned in the recipe. If you wish to adjust it, ensure that you keep a lookout at the oven while it is cooking.

Prevent food spills and keep your oven spotless by keeping these easy tips in mind. For more such interesting hacks, keep coming back to our website.