Premier League minimum 1-year ban for field attackers

Football fans who run on the field or use objects such as smoke bombs and pyrotechnics in English Premier League matches will receive an automatic ban from clubs for at least one year.

As part of measures to tackle rising anti-social behavior at matches, top-flight teams agreed at a league shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday to approve the move with immediate effect.

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The league said sanctions could be extended with parents or guardians of children participating in such conduct. This ban is applicable on home and away matches.

Concerns were expressed about security issues inside stadiums after incidents at the end of last season in the Premier League and lower leagues.

Among them, Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira kicked an Everton fan who was taunting him during a field attack at Goodison Park, and Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp was kicked by a Nottingham Forest player at the end of a playoff game. There was a head injury to the face by the fan. Second Level Championship. One fan was given a 24-week prison sentence.” width="942″ height="530″ frameborder="0″ allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe> <p>Other measures set to be implemented include better tracking of individuals entering the arena, increased use of sniffer dogs, and working with social media platforms to immediately remove fan videos of illegal behavior.</p> <p>allLatest sports news And today’s fresh news Here