Strange in MP: Woman voted in election election

New Delhi :

50 percent turnout was cast to contest the election. It is advisory in Panchayati Raj for the woman who has voted to vote, to enter the password to dial after charging. strengthen the forces of the state. There are 20 wards in the Nagar Gram Panchayat of the city. From 10 wards, women have come from Panchchunkar. But the husbands, fathers and angels of the rest will also deliver messenger messages. As long as there is no attack, it will work.

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In Damoh’s husband Nagar Panchayat, the new female panch’s head dress and female panch’s sarpanch will be appointed as a nagar panchayat member. Vinod Ahirwar has taken it. 11 women punch too. There are 20 members in the Panchayat, 11 women and 9 men are elected. The female envoy of the 11th row took the oath.

District Panchayat is working in this matter. takes action against the offence.

Sarpanch Singh, messenger husband Hakam Singh in Madhapura of Panna. , To be healthy, it can be said that the players who are healthy are definitely going to be healthy. Having been able to elect the divinely owned Rajneesh England, they are potentially capable. Never going to be official.

Former minister and NEET leaders Jituptawari said these are different types of people for a new country where new generation of people are publishing new magazines of masses. The state is in a better position, where 25 lakhs, Zilla Panchayat in 2 crores, five lakhs, in the state of husband in the position of spouse, in the state of Shivraj. involved in a deadly deadly attack. A case of worsening of the condition was registered.

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