The Election Commission has seized a total of ₹92.97 crore

Cracking down on voter inducement by political leaders in the state, the Election Commission has seized a total of ₹92.97 crore including cash, liquor, drugs and metals in the last 48 hours. The model code of conduct for assembly elections has not yet come into force in the state.

The amount of cash seized was Rs 1.2 crore, while liquor worth Rs 2.66 crore, narcotics worth Rs 1.88 crore, precious metals worth Rs 1.9 crore and other items (free of cost) worth Rs 1.58 crore were seized, a statement from the office said. Said Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, during his three-day review of poll preparations in the state last week, said the use of money power is a major concern in Karnataka. He had said that while the Election Commission is ready in terms of physical infrastructure, the state agencies are lagging behind in regulating the distribution of freebies.

He directed the officials to extensively use sections 171-B and 171-E of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to control such malpractices.