These are some of the common issues that iPhone users complain about the most – Times of India

Wherever you are in the world, chances are that problems you face with your smartphone are common and shared by others. According to a report by 9to5Mac, iPhone Users have complained about some such common issues. based on the research of Freedom MobilesA list of over 130 keywords was compiled to find the most searched iPhone problems Google,
According to the report, “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” is the most common iPhone problem worldwide. The average global search volume for this particular keyword is 42,000 monthly searches. Why does this problem occur? In most cases this happens when a user guesses his password wrong 10 times. Not surprisingly, the next most common issue is “forgot iPhone passcode”, with a monthly search volume of 38,000, followed by “FaceID not working”, which was searched 32,000 times.
In US and UK, some other common issues are “iPhone not charging”, “iPhone stuck” Apple logo”. Other issues with the iPhone that people search for include “AirPods not connecting to iPhone”, “iPhone won’t turn on”, “liquid in Lightning connector was detected”, and “CarPlay not working” Now, these are the issues – not all of them – that might have been faced by iPhone users around the world.
Meanwhile, Apple is gearing up to launch its next generation of iPhones. Every year Apple unveils new iphone No different is expected in September and this year. Although Apple hasn’t announced any launch date yet, it is rumored that the iPhone will be launched in the second week of September.

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