WATCH: Scissors artist surprises woman with amazing artwork

Scissor artist surprised woman with amazing artwork

Every day, we come across diverse and amazing talents on social media, such as someone carving exquisite artwork on fruits, showing off brilliant creativity with chocolate, and many other qualities.

A video is going viral on social media in which a scissor artist surprises a woman with her beautiful scissor art in the waiting area of ​​a music school.

The video has been shared by ViralHog on Twitter.

According to the post, the artist’s name is Carl Johnson and he is using his rare talent to create a beautiful gift for a stranger. In the video, Mr Johnson is seen sitting at a place where musical rehearsals are going on for the children and a stranger is seen sitting on a chair at some distance from him.

Mr Johnson cuts out a silhouette during rehearsals without telling the woman what she is doing and surprises her with artwork after finishing it. “Oh my god, that’s wonderful, thank you,” says the woman and laughs happily.

Since being shared, the video has garnered over 4.2 lakh views but very few likes.

In a video that went viral two months ago, a woman is seen carving beautiful artworks on a watermelon. The 42-second video was shared by Buitengbiden on Twitter with the caption “Watermelan art”.

The video garnered over 6.7 lakh views and over 31,000 likes. Since social media is a storehouse of content, there are many videos that feature such amazing artists.

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