Wife of ex-Ukraine MP tried to flee the country with $28 million, 1.3 million euros in cash

The wife of a former Ukrainian parliamentarian tried to cross the border and enter Hungary with millions of dollars and euros in cash. However, he was stopped by the border guards and forced to declare so.

The wife of a former Ukrainian lawmaker tried to flee the country with millions of dollars in cash. (Photo: Next)

The wife of Kotvitsky, a former Ukrainian parliament member, allegedly attempted to flee the country with $28 million in suitcases and 1.3 million euros in cash.

He tried to escape from war-torn Ukraine and enter Hungary via the province of Zakarpattia. However, he was caught with money at the border by Hungarian border guards and was forced to declare it, the NEXTA media organization reported on Monday morning.

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Russo-Ukraine War

  • Russia declared war on Ukraine on 24 February and has been launching attacks across the country since then.
  • According to the United Nations, 10 million people have been displaced across Ukraine as a result of the war, with about 3.4 million fleeing to neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.
  • Hundreds of civilians, including children, have died in the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed that more than 14,000 Russian soldiers have been killed so far.
  • Western countries, led by the US, have imposed harsh sanctions and financial penalties to pressure Russia to halt its invasion.
  • On Sunday, Ukrainian President Zelensky said he was open to talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but expressed fears that a third world war could break out if diplomacy fails. read full report

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