IIT Madras launches 6 months certificate course on next generation mobile wireless networks for students, professionals

IIT Madras Promoter Technologies Foundation jointly with Megam Solutions is running a six-month online certification course on ‘Next Generation Mobile Wireless Networks’. The program will provide knowledge and training in technologies such as 5G, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Internet of Things (IoT). The last date to apply is 5th February.

The course is open to undergraduate and postgraduate engineering, MSc (Electronics), PhD scholars, faculty members and professionals from industry and/or start-ups. The online program starts on 12 February and is held on alternate weekends. Interested candidates can register at pravartak.org.in.

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“Participants will get to understand the architecture of next-generation mobile wireless networks, network infrastructure components, protocols and various applications of modern mobile wireless networks,” the institute says.

The course will also help the participants to familiarize themselves with the latest status of 5G standards and deployment of 5G technology. Participants will have the chance to undertake practical activities to develop an in-depth understanding of various mobile wireless technologies and concepts.

“With the introduction of the Next Generation Mobile Wireless Networks curriculum, we will have trained professionals with hands-on experience who can address implementation challenges in the various use-cases where this technology is applicable,” said Dr. MJ Shankar Raman, CEO , IIT Madras Promoter Technologies Foundation said.

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The institute further said that this course will enable the participants to develop skills and create solutions that will accelerate the digital transformation journey by leveraging next generation mobile wireless technologies.

The program is facilitated by experts with rich experience in manufacturing networking products and solutions for leading network device manufacturers and service providers worldwide. The faculties also include academicians from renowned institutions with many years of experience in research related to mobile wireless technology.

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