South Indian curd rice gets a makeover with this unique recipe

Ask any South Indian fan and they will gush about curd rice. It is no wonder that despite the popularity of dosa, idli and sambar, curd rice gets so much love. Simple and delicious, Curd Rice oozes comfort in every bite. While a typical plate of curd and rice with spices like mustard and curry leaves is delicious in itself, we thought of adding some spice to it. And we found just the recipe we were looking for. This vegetable curd rice adds to the goodness of seasonal winter produce to make it perfect healthy lunch recipe In winter.

Is curd rice good for health?

Both curd and rice are light on the stomach, which makes this meal easy to digest. Curd provides a good amount of probiotics, further promoting gut health and preventing digestive issues like bloating, acidity and indigestion.

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What are the ingredients of Curd Rice?

The classic meal of curd rice is made by combining curd and boiled white rice, which is tempered with spices like mustard, curry leaves and chillies. The recipe we are sharing with you today gives a colorful makeover to the regular curd rice by adding winter special beetroot and carrot. Also fresh cucumber is added to it. The food is garnished with pomegranate and coriander leaves and rock salt is used in place of table salt to make it healthier.

You can imagine what a great mix of flavors and colors this dish would have. Well, it won’t be a simple bowl of curd rice anymore but we certainly aren’t complaining. Shared by dietitian Komal Patel on her Instagram handle, we are sure it will be a healthy treat. Let’s see how it is made.

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Vegetable Curd Rice Recipe I How To Make Curd Rice For Winters:

Plan ahead and prepare the Hung Curd. Add boiled rice to it and add finely chopped or grated beetroot, carrot and cucumber. Also add some pomegranate seeds, chopped coriander leaves and rock salt. mix well. Garnish it with tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies and sesame seeds. enjoy!

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Simple, isn’t it? We are sure you and your family will love this unique curd rice recipe. Have a healthy and delicious lunch.

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