Two roads are being widened in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruvallur district to ensure the safety of motorists

Two roads, Walajabad to Keelacheri Road and Singapuramalcoil to Red Hills Road in Tiruvallur district are being widened under the Chief Minister’s Road Development Program (CMRDP) at a total cost of ₹81.93 crore. The launch of CMRDP was announced in 2021 by Highways Minister EVVelu in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

Both the roads are two lanes wide, similar to the 2,200 km of roads to be covered under the scheme, and they are being widened to four lanes, which means the current 7 meter width will become 16.20 metres. These roads connect the two district headquarters of Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur, which is one of the criteria for the selection of roads under the CMRDP.

Widening is necessary keeping in mind the safety of the drivers using these roads. After the widening, the number of vehicles is expected to increase gradually.

An official from the Highways Department said, “The works to be taken up as part of the program include improvement of roundabouts, replacement of low-level bridges in waterways with high-level bridges, tree plantation and permanent measures to improve blackspots.” ”

Officials said roads with a length of about 8.30 km through Tiruvallur district are being widened. Work on Walajabad-Sunguvarachatram-Keelacherry road will start at Kannur and end at Mappedu and 13 box culverts will also be widened.

The work also includes construction of storm water drain (SWD) and laying of paver blocks beyond the main carriageway. As far as Singaperumalkoil – Sriperumbudur – Tiruvallur – Red Hills Road is concerned, nine box culverts will be widened and similar paver blocks will be laid and SWD constructed as part of the work.

An official said work would be done for 2,200 km of state highways and 6,700 km of single lane roads which would be widened to two lanes.